Kally Barbaris

Office Manager


A Real Estate Property, whether it is the “roof” over our heads or the “security” for a safer and better future, holds an exceptionally important role in our lives.

Kally is fully aware of this and of the seriousness of the real estate agent services.

With impressive academic credentials, including law and languages, Kally, a graduate of the French - Catholic High “Jeanne d' Arc” and the Law School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is fluent in English, Greek and French.

Kally, is an experienced professional with 20 years approx. of legal practice in Property and Commercial Law and 14 years successful service as Legal Advisor and General Manager of a big Greek - Australian Trade House in Greece.

The “leap” to the Real Estate industry was taken with confidence and great enthusiasm. She attended successfully the Courses in Property to acquire the necessary accreditation, knowledge and background to perform and complete real estate work in Australia.

Throughout her professional life Kally is being driven by three principals:

Honesty, Integrity and Constant Effort

Becoming a part of the Lindellas Real Estate agency was the best thing that could happen to her life during this transition, as all the members of the team including the two directors Dennis Dellas and Eric Lin share the same ethics and the same passion for excellence, as she does.

This passion and these ethics, Kally puts them gladly and effortlessly at the service of the Lindellas team and her clients.