Tricia Dorratt

Property Management


Tricia has had a long history of working in real estate, commenced in 2015 here in Property Management at Coastwide First National. Throughout her career she has also studied Law, Politics, Peace and Literature. Not your average Property Manager! These additional skills enable Tricia to offer Landlords and Tenants alike an honest, by the book service which creates the best outcomes for everyone involved. “What matters most to Landlords is that their investment is managed well; what matters most for tenants is that they feel respected and at peace in the property they call home. These are the outcomes I strive to achieve.” Landlords appreciate Tricia’s administrative detail, legal/tribunal advice and success, and the attention she pays to the overall maintenance of their investment. Tenants appreciate her assistance in helping them make the most of their rented home through maintenance advice and her helpful, approachable nature. Tricia has been an invaluable asset to our Property Management Department. Call her today to see why.