Eddie Axon

Property Consultant


One of the things you notice when you first meet Eddie, other than his natural caring nature is his genuine ability to connect with people.

You see Eddie is a people person, he likes to meet new people, he enjoys socialising with friends and is partial to a regular game of golf.

It's Eddies natural ability to relate with people that has seen him become so successful in the property industry.

Being a young family man himself Eddie really relates to the clients and friends he works with in helping them achieve their goals when buying and selling their properties. In fact, helping people excites Eddie, he thrives on the fantastic results he delivers to his clients everytime and they love him for it

For Eddie being a successful real estate agent is something he has achieved through constant dedication to improve his skills and knowledge. You'll often see Eddie honing his skills by attending the latest real estate courses, reading a new book on personal growth or listening to a podcast on improving self. It's Eddie's drive to be the best version of himself that has allowed him to be one of the most dedicated agents in the local area.

If you are looking for an agent that keeps himself at the top of his game through regular training, who fights for his clients to achieve the best results and is a genuine family guy that cares about the outcome then you've found one in Eddie Axon. You'll be amazed by the results he achieves and you'll appreciate even more how he makes the process easy.