Jim Conder

Senior Sales Consultant


When Jim Conder started in real estate in 1998 he had a great passion for it, 20 years later you can tell Jim is just as focussed and passionate about real estate and his client’s. Jim is one to always lend a hand and finds it easy to do the little things that keep his clients informed, happy and always feeling like they are put first. Jim put in the hard yards at the start of his career, and has found that the early ‘hard slog’ has more than paid off. Jim has the systems and processes in place to assure his clients are getting the best service possible. Jim is a highly regarded agent in the area and by industry standards, Jim ranks in the top 5% for results in the outer east. Even though Jim has leadership skills, he has chosen to focus purely on finding buyers for his sellers and ensuring a smooth transition. As Jim puts it: “Business owners and managers have several focuses; meeting accountants, bankers and auditors. They cannot possibly devote themselves 100% to your sale. I can! That's why I have prepared my daily tasks around sales activities not business ones” Today Jim works hard on increasing his skills knowing that his current lofty position in the local market is not a resting place, but a 'launching pad' to greater heights. One thing is for sure, Jim will work hard to maintain the mantle of market leader for the benefits that brings to his clients.