Patrick Peng

Manager - Asian Clients


With 7 years’ experience in real estate, Patrick is ideally positioned to offer accurate insights into the current market and to formalise successful strategies and negotiations. Patrick has excellent negotiation & communication skills. His marketing knowledge, combined with a strong work ethic and his multi-lingual skills (English & Chinese) have made his widely recognised among the local community. For Patrick, Real Estate is all about the people and his love of community spirit. His goal has always been to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with all his clients and to be the most informed and best Agent in his market. Patrick has consistently achieved outstanding sales results in a large number of major residential projects, off plan sales and resales. Patrick aims to achieve the best possible price for his clients whilst proving a first class service. Patrick拥有7年的房地产经验,他的理想定位是提供对当前市场的准确洞察,并将成功的战略和谈判正规化。 Patrick具有出色的谈判和沟通能力。他的营销知识,加上强烈的职业道德和他的多语言技能(英语和汉语),使他在当地社区中得到了广泛的认可。 对Patrick来说,房地产就是人们和他对社区精神的热爱。 他的目标一直是与所有客户建立长期互利的关系,并成为他市场上最见多识广、最优秀的中介。 Patrick在许多大型住宅项目、楼花销售和转售方面都取得了出色的销售业绩。 Patrick的目标是为他的客户提供一流的服务,以达到最好的价格。