Rebecca Parker

Property Manager


Why have you chosen real estate as your career? I love architecture and design, and the way people take a structure and make it a home. I never tire of seeing peoples style, individuality and stories reflected in their homes. What qualities do you have that contribute to your success in real estate? I have a great eye for detail, a can-do attitude and a polite, respectful and kind nature What are your career goals? To do the best job I can, with whatever I am doing and whatever job I take on. How long have your lived in Port Macquarie? I lived in Port Macquarie years ago and left to live on the Central Coast and then Dyers Crossing. I moved back 4 years ago to be with my family. I have been coming to Port since I was little, as my grandparents have lived here for 40+ years. How would your best friend describe you? Quirky, loyal, kind, easygoing, organised and generous. Major achievements... Diploma in Accounting, Real Estate licence and raising 3 children.